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White Paper

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Development Path


Technical Advantages


Efficient and stable CP router

Excellent computing resource utilization
Effectively improve network efficiency and user experience

Leading cross-chain service technology

Support the Architecture of "Hashrate Main Chain+High Performance Multi-Side Chain"
Achieve efficient exchange between multiple assets

Original computing power access quantification standard

Refine the quantitative computing power access standard
Increase the level of hashrate supply

Blockchain hashrate on-chain

Using blockchain technology to fuse hashrate ecology
Then, using smart contracts, cross-chain, and other technologies to expand the computing power ecology

Digital assets on-chain

Building a more comprehensive multi-party trust mechanism
And improve the efficiency of asset trading and management

Fast digital asset transactions on chain

Fast payment with extremely low fees based on BHP network
Promote the commercial application of digital asset payments

BHP Alliance

BHP is an independent, non-profit membership organization. The purpose of the alliance is to coordinate and provide the BHP management network framework to maintain and lead social influence funding. The members of the alliance consisting of a network of verification nodes running the BHP.

The members of the BHP Alliance include diversified companies, non-profit and multilateral organizations and academic institutions distributed throughout the country. The first members of the organization complete the alliance charter and become "Founding Members". Node members are updated once a year and the total member does not exceed 20.


20+ decentralized super hashrate nodes

BHP DAPP Platform

DAPP based on the Global Intelligent Computing Network(BHP) is providing secure and trusted services to users around the world



RRMINE is the world's leading computing power asset management and trading platform which provides open and transparent computing power management, delivery, and online services to global users by blockchain technology based on BHP. At present, the scale of platform management computing power ranks among the top in the world, and its business covers China, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Germany, Australia, and other countries and regions.



DAPP, the new generation of mobile payment platform rooted in BHP technology, builds a decentralized digital asset management bank without third-party guarantees. It's committed to becoming a new generation of the digital financial basic service platforms and helps global digital asset holders have access to safe, convenient, efficient and unshackled services through blockchain technology innovation.



It provides the infrastructure for the new cross-border retail platforms by blockchain technology based on the BHP and helps merchants and products gain consumer trust by tracking through the public chain. It's a blockchain cross-border new retail service platform with one-stop smart service that provides customers cross-border logistics, warehouse allocation, and supply chain by optimizing the circulation link and reducing transaction costs.


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